Session: Chemical Education II

Technical Program

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Session:   Friday, 18 May 2007: 8:40 AM-12:00 PM

109 (Pfahler Hall)

Chemical Education II


Thomson Co., ACS Division of Chemical Education (CHED)


Andrea E. Martin


Andrea E. Martin

8:40 AMProcess oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL) in the high school classroom and lab

Danica C. Gardner

9:00 AMTwo trials, not too much error: introducing POGIL instruction into the organic chemistry laboratory

Robin R. Kucharczyk

9:20 AMDesigning a POGIL-based Bioanalytical Laboratory: Conceptual Continuity with the General Chem Lab

Maryann McDermott Jones, Jane Klassen

9:40 AMImproving the general chemistry review session

Daniel B. King

10:00 AMBreak
10:20 AMUsing a computer to run the General Chemistry Laboratory

Rudolph W. Kluiber

10:40 AMExperiences modifying the website for a prep chemistry course on Blackboard with a view to teaching the course online

Kuruvilla Zachariah

11:00 AMExperiences within the Preparing Future Faculty Program at the University of Michigan

Curtis M. Zaleski

11:20 AMOverview and Growth of Qualitative Research in Chemical and Science Education

Joseph W. Shane

11:40 AMSpectroscopy reference tools in academic research and teaching: an historical overview

Marie Scandone, Gregory Banik, Leo Collins