Workshops and Special Events

All events are free with your MARM registration unless otherwise indicated

Saturday, May 17

  • POGIL Workshop (8:30 am 4 pm, capacity 40)
    This free workshop introduces the philosophy and methodology of Process Oriented Guided-Inquiry Learning (POGIL). Participants experience the approach from a student's perspective, analyze the design of POGIL activities, and are introduced to various instructional techniques that support a student-centered learning environment. Data documenting the success of this approach are presented, and materials for general, organic, and physical chemistry are available for examination.

    To participate in this workshop, you need to register at You need not register for the MARM meeting to attend this workshop, although you are encouraged to do so, as the Chemical Education program on Sunday, May 18 includes presentations on implementations of POGIL and other recent innovations in teaching chemistry.

  • Spring Meeting of the United States Section of the Royal Society of Chemistry (6 – 10pm, $50)
    Members of the Royal Society of Chemistry, their friends, families and colleagues are particularly invited to participate in an evening which will be instructive, entertaining, and a chance to meet old and new friends. Prof. Yorke E. Rhodes of New York University will give the after dinner talk, "What’s New In Astrochemistry?". You do not have to register for MARM to attend this event, which includes a reception and dinner banquet. Please visit the RSC website for more information. All are welcome.

Sunday, May 18

  • ACS Leadership Development Workshops
    These two workshops offer local section members an opportunity for training in volunteerism and taking leadership roles. There is a 20 person capacity for each of these free workshops. You must sign up on the registration form.
    • Involving Volunteers (8 am – 12 pm)
    • Leading Change (1 pm – 5 pm)

    For program details visit

  • Complimentary Lunch Buffet Sponsored by Teledyne Isco (12 – 1:30 pm)
    Kick off MARM 2008 with a free lunch and visit the Teledyne Isco table. ACS District Director Anne O’Brien will also be there to welcome you to MARM and tell you about recent developments in the ACS.

  • Probeware Workshop and Chemical Demonstrations for pre-college educators (2 – 5 pm)

Monday, May 19 

  • Career Management and Development Workshops
    An array of Career services workshops and individual resume reviews will be offered. Sign up for these free workshops on the registration form.
    • Resume Preparation and Targeting the Job Market for Undergraduates (9 am)
    • Interviewing Skills (10 am)
    • Managing an Effective Job Search (11 am)
    • Resume Preparation for Experienced Chemists (1 pm)
    • Individual resume reviews appointments (2 – 5 pm)
      Bring 2 copies of your resume or CV.

  • ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses Workshops
    Each of these half-day free workshops has a capacity of 30 people. You must sign up on the registration form.

    • Tools for Entrepreneurs - from the Kauffman Foundation (8:30 am – 12 pm)
      Representatives of the Kauffman Foundation, the largest foundation dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship in America, will facilitate a variety of exercises that are relevant, practical “just-in-time” information, tools, and resources - designed specifically to assist aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in building companies that innovate and create jobs and wealth.
    • Best Practices for the Chemical Entrepreneur(1:30 pm – 5 pm)
      Join our wide spectrum of experienced panelists for a facilitated discussion as to best steps for the chemical entrepreneur. Topics include intellectual property as strategic business assets; alternative forms of financing; and, factors relating to enterprise success.
  • Professional Analytical Chemists in Industry: What Does an Analytical Chemist Do? (1 – 5 pm)
    This highly interactive short course will educate about careers as analytical chemists in industry. It is intended primarily for undergraduate students, but all are welcome to participate. This free course has a 25 person capacity. Please sign up for it when registering for MARM. For more information, see the Announcement.

  • Probeware Workshop for undergraduate educators (2 – 5 pm)
  • Keynote Address by Dr. Roald Hoffman, Cornell University (5:30 – 6:30 pm)
    The Chemical Imagination at Work in Very Tight Places
  • Monday Night Barbecue (6:30 – 8:30pm, $15)
    This all-you-can-eat dinner follows Dr. Hoffman’s keynote lecture and takes place adjacent to the evening Poster Session. Please purchase your ticket when registering for MARM.

Tuesday, May 20

  • Directors Breakfast (7:30 – 8:30 am)
    Your District Directors (Madeleine Joullie, District III and Anne O’Brien, District I) invite you to complimentary breakfast and a conversation about ACS. You’ll hear up-to-date ACS news but, more importantly, have an opportunity to give your views and suggestions. How should ACS best respond to globalization? How can ACS best create a community of scientists addressing world problems? Come with your ideas and questions. Participation and conversation are the goals!
  • Women Chemists Committee Luncheon (12 1:30 pm, capacity 70, $5 for students and postdocs, $15 all others. Please sign up when registering for MARM.)
    Students and regular meeting attendees are invited to join us for a luncheon with Jodi Wesemann of the ACS Department of Higher Education who will speak on the topic of "Fostering Access, Success, and Excellence". The luncheon provides a great opportunity for informal networking. All are welcome.
  • Industrial Innovation Award Symposium and Reception (4:30 –  7 pm)
    This session honors the recipient of the 2007 Regional Industrial Innovation Award. The Awardee will present an overview of the efforts that led to the process/product innovation. The symposium will be followed by a complimentary reception.
  • Awards Banquet (7 – 9 pm, capacity 70, $40)
    • This banquet is in honor of the recipients of MARM 2008 Awards.
    • The banquet is a ticketed event ($40). Please sign up for it when registering for MARM.