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Note: If you submit an abstract for a presentation or poster, don't forget to also register for MARM and to make a hotel reservation. There is also a link at the lower left for Instructions for Presenters.

ABSTRACTS ARE REQUESTED for the 42nd Middle Atlantic Regional meeting (MARM 2011),

The theme of the meeting is "International Year of Chemistry 2011." Topical symposia planned for the meeting include sessions in the general areas of Biochemistry / Organic Chemistry, Inorganic / Materials Chemistry, Analytical / Physical / Theoretical Chemistry, and Career / Education / Professional Areas -- and more.

Emphasis is placed on Life Sciences, Materials Sciences, and Chemical Education. The technical program begins Saturday morning, May 21st, with symposia on Supramolecular Chemistry and Molecular Recognition, Advances in Organic Synthesis, Nucleic Acid Chemistry, Bioactive Small Molecule Design and Discovery, and Medicinal Chemistry of Anticancer Drugs. In the afternoon symposia in the Life Sciences continue with Synthetic Chemistry (across the border), Damage, Repair, and Mutation of DNA, Frontiers of Structure and Dynamics Using NMR Spectrosccopy, Medicinal Chemistry of Anticancer Drugs, and Nanoparticle Metrology begins symposia in Materials Science. Sunday morning is basically devoted to career development, to grant writing and grant opportunities, and to education. Plenary sessions are Sunday afternoon. Monday morning sessions have a Materials emphasis with symposia on New Technologies for Lithium Ion Batteries (for three half-days), Chemistry of Graphitic Materials, Advances in Tetrahertz and IR Spectroscopy, and this emphasis continues in the afternoon with additional symposia in Redefining the Killogram and Avogadro's Number, Metal-Mediated Small Molecule Activation and Functionalization, and Chemistry and Materials Composition of Cultural Heritage Materials. Tuesday morning symposia will include Ambient Ionization Methods in Biological Mass Spectrometry, Nutraceutical and Food Chemistry: An Exciting Career for Chemists, Applied Methods for Separation Science, the Chromatography Award Symposium, and Cheminformatics and Bioinformatics: Working Together to Address Systems Chemical Biology.

For MARM 2011 we are using the ACS Program and Abstract Creation System (PACS).

PACS is now open for MARM 2011 abstract submission.


Submitting an Abstract

To submit an abstract, you will click the “Go to PACS” link below which will take you to PACS at the ACS website (by popping up a new browser window or opening a new tab). But first:

  1. Consider which program area you want to submit an abstract for: [ show / hide program areas ]

    Abstracts for presentation are submitted to the poster session that is most appropriate for presentation. Because generic listings are used submit to that poster session that best matches the technology. (For example, if your presentation is biochemical, it could fit bio-organic, medicinal, or physical sessions; likewise, theoretical could be inorganic, organic, or physical, dependent on the application.) Submitted abstracts that are directly related to the symposium topics will be considered for inclusion as oral presentations within the symposia. Time has been allocated in each of the symposia so that contributed papers can be presented in the same sessions as invited papers.

  2. If you do not already have an ACS ID, you will need to click the “Go to PACS” link a first time and then click the large blue “Registering is easy” button at the right and proceed to indicate your relationship to ACS and obtain an ACS ID. Then return to this page.
  3. Now click

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