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Technical Program

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MARM 2012 List of Technical Sessions & Symposia

Thursday, May 31st

  • Atmospheric Chemistry - Russel Dickerson, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Frontiers in the Application of Computational Chemistry to Biological Systems - Ian Thorpe, UMBC and Alex MacKerell, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
  • Separation and Characterization of Biopharmaceuticals - Faizy Ahmed, Agilent and Darryl Davis, Johnson and Johnson
  • Fluoresence for Detection and Imaging - Yu Zhong, Molecular Probes Life Technologies
  • Nanomaterials: Self-Assembly and Applications - Sarah Stoll, Georgetown University
  • Nanotechnology: Health and Safety - Bryant Nelson, Elijah Peterson and Bryce Marquis, NIST, and Vishal Shah, Dowling College
  • Remsen Award Symposium - Gerald Meyer, Johns Hopkins University
  • Remsen Award Seminar - Daniel Nocera, MIT
  • Addressing Challenges in Food Analysis Using Emerging Technologies - Romina Shah, FDA
  • Dietary Phytochemicals and Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome - Joshua Lambert, Penn State University

Friday, June 1st

  • Renewable Energy A: Metabolic Engineering - Malcolm Byrnes, Howard University School of Medicine
  • Renewable Energy B: Biofuels - Susan Gregurik, Department of Energy
  • Renewable Energy C: Photovoltaic Devices and Applications - Behrang Hamadani, NIST
  • Younger Organic Chemists: The Breadth of Organic Synthesis - Cynthia Dowd, George Washington University
  • Medicinal Chemistry - Takashi Tsukamoto, Johns Hopkins Medical Institute
  • Chemistry in the Chemical Senses - George Preti, Monell Chemical Senses Center
  • Beer Chemistry - Stephen Jones, Oliver Breweries and Steve Frazier, The Brewers Art

Saturday, June 2nd

  • Contemporary Organic Materials - John Tovar, Johns Hopkins University
  • Organic Photochemistry - Lisa Kelly, UMBC
  • Carbohydrate Chemistry - Lai-Xi Wang, University of Maryland, Institute of Human Virology
  • NMR Spectroscopy of Biomolecules - Alex Drohat, University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Mass Spectrometry of Biomolecules - Shelley Jackson, National Institutes of Health
  • Terehertz Spectroscopy - Anis Rahman, Applied Research & Photonics