Currently Planned Sessions and Chairs

If you are interested in becoming a Chairperson for a session, please contact
Paris Svoronos () or Sujun Wei ().

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Event Session Session Chair(s) Contact E-mail Address
1 History of Chemistry in the New York Section

John Sharkey

Pace University

2 Polymer Chemistry

Ronald D'Amelia

Hofstra University

3 Chemical Education

Kevin Kolack

Queensborough Community College

Gopal Subramaniam

Queens College

4 Biotechnology

Nidhi Gadura

Queensborough Community College

5 Bioinformatics

Peter Novick

Queensborough Community College

6 Ionic Liquids

Sharon Lall-Ramnarine

Queensborough Community College

James Wishart

Brookhaven National Laboratory


7 Association for Women in Science (AWIS)

JaimeLee Rizzo

Pace University

8 Lithium Ion Batteries

Paul Sideris

Queensborough Community College

9 Nano-Chemistry and Technology

Bhanu Chauhan

William Paterson University

Moni Chauhan

Queensborough Community College

10 Teaching Chemistry to Students With Disabilities

Patricia Ann Redden

St. Peters College

11 Organizing Research Programs at the Undergraduate Level

Paris Svoronos

Queensborough Community College

12 Green Chemistry

Rita K. Upmacis

Pace University

13 Environment and Forensics

Robert P. Nolan

International Environmental Research Foundation, Inc.

Michelle D. Miranda

Farmingdale State College

14 Computational/Physical Chemistry

Yolanda Small

York College

15 Microwave Chemistry: Bridging Synthetic Research and Instructional Innovation

Jun Shin

Queensborough Community College

Andrew Koch

St. Mary's College of Maryland

Shaun Murphree

Allegheny College

16 Inorganic Chemistry

Guoqi Zhang

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

17 Clinical Diagnostics

Paul Dillon

Co-chair and Co-Program Director
Westchester Chemical Society

18 Enzyme Catalysis and Inhibition

Sanjai Kumar

Queens College

19 Chemical Biology

Yuan Chen

Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope

Ping Furlan

US Merchant Marine Academy

20 Crystal Engineering & Mechanisms of Crystallization

Daniele Musumeci

York College

21 Activation and Transformations of Small Molecules by Metal Centers

Kathleen Kristian

Iona College

James M. Camara

Yeshiva University

22 Analytical Chemistry and Toxicology

Marta Concheiro-Guisan

John Jay College of Criminal Justice

23 Molecular Electronics

Gina Florio

St. John's University

Sujun Wei

Queensborough Community College

24 Biospectroscopy

Emmanuel Chang

York College

25 Organic Synthesis and Catalysis

Yu Chen

Queens College

26 Frontiers in Gel Chemistry

Richard Weiss

Georgetown University

27 Environmental Remediation: Methods and Applications

Spiro Alexandratos

Hunter College

28 Chemistry and the Arts

Sasan Karimi

Queensborough Community College

Tirandai Hemraj-Benny

Queensborough Community College

29 Energy for a Sustainable Future

Michele Vittadello

Medgar Evers College

Lawrence Pratt

Medgar Evers College

30 Medicinal Chemistry

Deanne Dulik Garver

Marywood University

31 Functional Supra Molecular Architectures

Mindy Levine

University of Rhode Island

32 Organic Electronics

Bumjung (James) Kim

New Jersey City University

33 Chemistry and Neutrino Physics

Minfang Yeh

Brookhaven National Lab

Sunej Hans

Bronx Community College

34 Environmental Chemistry - Fate of Contaminants

Urs Jans

City College of New York

35 Nucleic Acid Chemistry

Shenglong Zhang

New York Institute of Technology

36 Material Chemistry

Sunil Dehipawala

Queensborough Community College

37 Research and Education in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Mass Spectrometry

Donald Mencer

Wilkes University

David Rovnyak

Bucknell University

Mark Tapsak

Bloomsburg University

38 Protein Structure & Design

Gregory Caputo

Rowan University

39 Drug Analysis

Zhaohua Dai

Pace University

40 Radiation Photochemistry and Photophysics

Cherice Evans

Queens College

Gary L. Findley

University of Louisiana at Monroe

41 Photocatalysis and Solar Fuel

Mingzhao Liu

Brookhaven National Laboratory

42 Entrepreneur's Toolkit: Resources and True Stories

Mukund S. Chorghade

ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses

David Deutsch

ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses

George W. Ruger

ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses

43 Teaching Nanoscience

Tirandai Hemraj-Benny

Queensborough Community College

44 Ambient Mass Spectrometry for Forensic Science

Edward Sisco

National Institute for Standards and Technology

45 Poster Presentations

Dominic Hull

Queensborough Community College


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