2017 Mid Atlantic Regional Meeting

Co-Organized by the Lehigh Valley and Susquehanna Local Sections


"A rich program of 50+ Technical Sessions is coming to MARM 2017! The latest advances in a broad array of topics are represented.  And with all sessions conveniently hosted in one site, the entire program is at your fingertips. Immerse in the depth of the sessions on one topic., or explore the diverse offerings that span drug discovery to novel materials and so much more.

Contact the program or division chairs for more information, listed below.




MARM 2017 Division Chairs

Physical/Biophysical/Computation: Prof. Karen Castle (Bucknell)

Inorganic/Catalysis/Energy:  Prof. Chip Natarro  (Lafeyette)

Organic/NatProds/MedChem:   Prof. Nicholas Sizemore  (U. Scranton)

Chemical Education:  Prof. Chris Hamann  (Albright)

Analytical/BioAnalyt:  Prof. Kate Stumpo   (U. Scranton)

Pharma/Industry:   Prof. Ben Blass   (Temple)

Biochemistry/StructBio/ChemBio: Prof. Wade Johnson (Susquehanna)

Polymer/Materials/Nano/Colloids:  Prof. David Rovnyak  (Bucknell U.)

Environmental/Green/GeoChem:  Prof. Lindsey Welch  (Cedar Crest)

MolecVue: Prof. James Foresman   (York College)

Poster Chair:  Prof. Lee Silverberg   (PSU Schuykill)


And don't miss history, chocolate science, women in chemistry, small business, the life and science of Joseph Priestly, and much more. 

Please feel free to contact  the MARM 2017 Program Chair with your questions.


David Rovnyak
MARM 2017 Program Chair